“What or who is DibzAfrica?” You say!…

Hmmmmmm…where do I start from!?… A group of entrepreneurs, Fashion idols,youth empowerers 😁😁( if that’s even a real word) ,African print Ambassadors, just to say a few.

A young lady, a fashion designer by passion, who was and is tired of the present state of unemployment and at the same time conscious of how important fashion design, art and creativity is to our society, decided to create an organization named “DibzAfrica” selecting a team of hardworking youths from different works of life to join her in making her dream a reality.

Now the main purpose of DibzAfrica is the empowerment of nigerian youths through fashion,and when I say fashion… I mean all facets.  I’m sure this gives us a better insight to reasons behind the creation of DibzAfrica.

With that said, DibzAfrica has cooked up a unique and an amazing opportunity for up coming and talented fashion designers who are looking for the opportunity/ platform to  display their creativity, on her first ever fashion runway.💃💃💃💃💃💃

THEME : STEP INSIDE OUT (Calling on the creativity of  upcoming fashion designers… Fusing our  african print with the western designs…pushing the limits of your crazitivity and turning it to creativity).

DATE : 26th May,2017

For sponsorship, participation , or further enquiries:

please contact us at:

Email: dibznwanna@gmail.com

Tel: +2348132010014, +2348152366580



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