Okay chill as a christian I truly am not a believer in the term “soulmates ” per say  but I do believe there is that special person we come across in life, its a rare and beautiful encounter…I for one have had this experience, even though we are not together😥😥 😀…. Let’s not get carried away….(gosh only the memories😭😔)

Well after a thorough research📖📱 interviews and my with the help of my great friend Google😁….. We came up with 5 certain signs that you are together with your soul mate..and to me that “special somebody”.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it👉👉👇                                                                             👇                                                                             👇

Number 1 : You are so comfortable with him/her :                                                   Truth be told there is no big deal in being comfortable with some people… They just have that effect on you, (like me right😁😁😁😍😘) but what I am talking about here is being so comfortable that you find yourself opening up to this person ever so easily, unconsciously or consciously sharing secrets you’ve never told anyone else. When you feel at ease, letting go of your fears,revealing your scars,sharing yor dreams and just BEING YOU becomes easy/normal. You find it so easy to laugh.. and whenever you’re with the person it feels like where you belong..it feels likeeee ehmmm!…😕😕😀😀😍 of course it feels like HOME

Number 2: You have MAD😵🙌 Chemistry:

Oh yes, mad chemistry….the tingling in your toes,the weakness in your knees,loosing of your breathe,butterflies💞💞 in your tummy,dizzy spells… This is the kind of chemistry that can be seen and felt by others, in short staying alone with each other is almost not advice able( if you not married i mean😀😀 to avoid stories that touch the heart😂😂😮)because when you together, the atmosphere around you is charged with so much desire and need. Let me stop here..ehn hmmm!🙊🙊

For some of us who doesnt understand this chemistry…let me define it simply: It is the representation of the emotional connection when you are together.

Number3: Silence is Golden:                        Doc. Joy what does that even mean?

Heheh am the love doctor!😎…

okay okay..its quite simple actually…its when your non-verbal communication with that person is on POINT.,because you connect with this person on a whole different level..there are sometimes you don’t even need to say a word…just a look or a wink or even a certain kind of smile and you know all you need to.. Your body language is so in tune that you can just TELL…..

Number4: A Steady Undeniable /Involuntary Reaction:                                 For every action there is a reaction, sometimes they are voluntary and other times involuntary…  Now being around this person does things to you that you cant seem to control…like the increase in your heart beat or you can’t help that smile that keeps popping up when you see that person😀, even if your mad at that person… Guys this is more than just a passing feeling. This connection is so LEGIT that every bones in your body responds in agreement…and am not even talking about chemistry.

Number 5: Imagining Yourself With Another  Just Feels Weird and Impossible:                                                       After I met this guy..(a little insight) I couldn’t see myself with another guy…truth be told we not together..and even at that its a struggle.. I still can’t see myself with another…I really admire those of you that have such a relationships/marriages….

Try it today…imagine yourself without that person…picture your future without him/her….does it hurt?… Mine did and still does….

So yes guys these are the five signs that ensures you are where you ought to be…and in conclusion here is a quote from a book my dad gifted me….

“The importance of compatibility can never be over emphasized, same goes for shared interests and believes. It is important for you to respect each other. When all these factors are in sync, you just know its right.

When you find this person…don’t let anything get in your way…do as much as you can, to try to be together… Life is too short to wonder “what if” .  Life let your parts cross for a reason..so take the chance while you still have it”

Thank you for reading… Live,love,laugh!


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