Never ever thought of writing poems before,and truth be told I have no idea how it works, the structure, rules and regulations.

Lying on my bed, listening to my song playlist and thinking about my past choices, relationships etc
A short poem comes around and as a blogger addict, I couldn’t help but write it down. Let me know your thoughts, advice, criticisms, everything. LOL

I love him

He might be bad for me
But I can’t help it
He makes my heart beat so hard
Our chemistry is mad
But I’m so sad
He is not single
Though we might mingle
We will never be together
Why suffer?
So I let him go to his lover
To the place he belongs
As I long for my own beloved
My own
My bone
My home.
            The End..
I’am certain alot of people have gone through this, it is a terrible feeling.
It has a way of messing with your mind, reducing your self esteem.
Problems in relationships
Step out of that triangle, it’s not for you, you deserve much better.
Like the saying goes “don’t stay where you are tolerated, find a place where you are appreciated.
Let go,rebuild your self esteem… Fix your mindset and be placed rightfully, so that when love does find you…you won’t scare it off

2 thoughts on “My Own, My Home

  1. Okay a question please for the lovedoctor! Wat if not a case of a married man but a friend’s ex with mad chemistry and “signs of special friend” lyk one of ur post.


    1. I belong to the school of thought that a friend’s ex is another friend’s husband. If all friend”s ex was a no go area then baby girl, husbands go scarce die. The only ish I have against it, is when the friend and the guy is tryna be all shades of shady, hiding and sneaking around like they doing something bad( which they ain’t). I hope I make sense. 😘


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