Stolen!, loved it so am sharing it


I have been in a relationship
One with parasitic benefits
I thought it was the best there ever was
It wasn’t just what I thought it was
Maybe an illusion perceived
A feeling desired Just to satisfy self and repatriate others
My soul has been eaten up
Like the eroded spherical ball surface
And am left with the little the winds left behind
Pieces of a broken heart
Searched for a hand to mend
I found the love of my life that truly cared
I said yes
He stepped forward and embraced
My filthiness tried to steal this moment
He took me by the hand, walking me to the alter
As we approached all I felt was a transformation
The garment of filth, ugliness and damnation turned to cleanliness, beauty and redemption
He made me his bride and put a crown on my head
Took me into his city of…

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