YES YES YES, i do love fridays, although i really have no idea why! hehehehe, anyways whats up people? how is your day going anddddd how was your week? cool right!, ok good, thank God.

I want to start a trend guys

especially for those who love to give to others, lending a helping hand and all that. I for one am praying to be a radical giver for like they say “IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE”…..

YES!!!!!!! i have your attention now right.

So here is how it works, do something free for someone today, i really don’t know what it is, but something that would normally cost you money or some form of charges!, do it for free, Sow a smile into a person”s heart, let that person go to bed… thanking God for bringing you into their lives…..

It feels great to give….. my siblings know me for that… yes as a LASTBORN  that i am…. i tend to get stingy once in a while.. especially with my junk food(pizza,icecream,sharwama etc)hheheheeh…but we not talking about me right….

So starting from today, pick a random person,and give a random gift,a juice,recharge card!,a lunch, movie ticket,detergents, help an elderly person carry their bags(with a smile on your face please!)

Let’s do it guys,…. brighten the corner where you stand!…and like my favorite president would say “YES WE CAN”

Love you guys! please don’t forget to like, comment, share.. lets make this trend happen especially in this times!!
Joy from within is dependent on no one but God!


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