Once upon a timeeee!!! heheheheheeee

Okayyy, leme join the crowd and say TGIF, YESSSS! Thank God its fridayyyyyyy, hahaha, i dont ever enjoy saying those words cos my weekend are actually way more busier than the week days… i know right crazy.

So whats up guys, hows your Friday going? Mine is going terribly considering the fact we have not yet been paid for September..buh its all good, God is alive so am good. Yes so lets dive into the story, and noooo, its not a story about myself (ameboooo).

TITLE: 3:16

Matthew gets on the phone and tries calling his dad, he hadnt spoken with him for a while a missed him terribly. Phones rings a couple of time and Matthews father picks the call excited… “oh my son, oh my son, i have longed to hear your voice sooo much, Matthew my beloved son (Father sobbing) how are you? how have you been my precious?” Matthew in tears replies ” Oh daddy i have missed you so much,i m fine daddy, schools going very fine, but daddy are you okay, you sound worried?

(Matthews father is silent for a bit, sighs and then replies) ” my son i am fine but our village is not fine at all, a terrible contagious outbreak has occurred, and is claiming the lives of so many, luckily for me, i have not contacted it. (Matthew feeling really worried now, interrupts his dad and asks) “daaaddd what disease?,when?,how?, whats the cure?  His father answers …” Matthew this all occurred when a couple “Adamu and Evelyn” ate a poisonous food before coming into the village and i don’t know how, but it just spread like wild fire and we were able to get some Specialists to investigate and find the antidote……….. Matthew interrupts his dad again and asks ” tell me dad, is there a cureee?????

“Yes my beloved son, sadly there is, Matthew says ” sadly? dad why sadly? , his father replies him ” son, the antidote needs the blood of a person who has not contacted the disease, and to create the antidote they need a person who is O+ and within the age of 22… son after so much researchhhh….. (Matthews father cant continue, his sobs become louder) Dadddd whats wrongg….. talk to me dad… His father gathers himself and continues… son after much research, you are the one in this whole village that matches all the category……..

(Silence on   both ends of the call)

Dad, what do you mean? are you saying my blood is the cure to the entire village? (Matthew sobbing real hard now) dadddd am so scared, but i will do it, i wana do it… i know what the village and its people are to you… i’l take the first flight tomorrow and il go to the hospital…the quicker the better, so i don’t chicken out.  Matthews Father still sobbing and mumbling his sons name over and over again…………

NEXT DAY.……..(Matthew arrives in the village and goes straight to meet his dad in the hospital… who has been waiting for him)

Father and son’s eye meet and with tears spilling freely they embrace in a gut wrenching hug…. Forgive me son…forgive me…Matthew’s father keeps repeating… Matthew kissing his father all over his face, feeling nothing but love for his father, bids his dad his final goodbyes, knowing the chances of survival were zero to none.

(Matthew enters the Blood Bank Room without looking back…. Matthew’s father laying on the floor crying for his only begotten son……)


(Doctors come out with a sad smile, walks to Matthews father and other villagers) ” sir it was a success, but unfortunately sir (doctor feeling extremely sad) we lost Matthew……..

(Villagers are celebrating, finally a cure to their terminal disease………… meanwhile it is a mixed feeling for Matthews Father)

Matthew’s father call for a meeting telling the people of how his son is no more, and how they should please make themselves available the following Sunday morning, for his beloved sons memorial and farewell service. The people feeling really sorry and appreciative of Matthews sacrifice….all promised to be there unfailingly.

(Forward to Sunday morning… in the chapel,  the chapel is virtually empty…..Matthews Father walks into the chapel…he cannot believe his eyes), sermon begins…

Some sleeping, some chatting amongst themselves, others playing with their phones) Matthew’s Dad looks around the chapel, his blood boiling, stands up from his chair… moves to the front of the church and calmly asks “why are you are here?, why have you come here if you cannot even honor my son’s death for a couple of hours…..he gave his life for yours….He didn’t argue with me when i told him what he had to dooo…. (father sobbing now ) he was eager to give himself for you all, and here you are sleeping, chatting, playing with your gadgets….How can you….wwhyyyy..( Turns and leaves quietly , turns back at the door and says….”IT IS YOUR CHOICE….CHOOSE WISELY…. LET MY SONS DEATH NOT BE IN VAIN PLEASE, LIVE A GOOD AND MEANINGFUL LIFE…” with that he leaves the premises).


I apologize guys, am not a good story teller , bear with me, but i hope you enjoyed the story….. am sure some of you can see the resemblance of the story to the story of Jesus……… and yes most of us are guilty of the things done by the villagers…. INGRATITUDE…… we are taking lightly the finished works of Jesus Christ in our daily lives, i don’t know how you doing it, or if you are, but none the less …take out time today to say THANK YOU JESUS FOR YOUR FINISHED WORKS…I LOVE YOU.

Thank you guys, am sure this is my longest write up so farrrr, i hope you were blessed… much love from me and don’t forget to like, comment and follow….




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