I struggled with  every relationship i ever was in…. Of course i didn’t  know this was what it was… It was more like ” i don’t think he loves me enough”😔😥 or something why doesn’t he wants to call or hang out!… This affected a lot of my relationships because i would literally want the guy to love me  exactly the way i loved him! 😞😞😞😞 bigggggg disappointment… It never  everrrrr worked, 😫😩 and then at some point, i would just give up.

Now i am 70% certain that a lot of  us have felt this way at least one time!  Or like me most times! 😀😀.. But then i read a book ” The five love languages” by Gary Chapman(funny he bears the same name with my favorite drink!! Hehe)  😉😉.

Okay so in this book my understanding  was opened to the fact that love speaks languages! 😁😁😁😏 hehe am guessing you didn’t know too… Buh yah!  It does,  and  it is divided into 5 categories which are:

  RECEIVING GIFTS! 🎁🎁: I quote from the book.. “For some people, what makes them feel loved is to receive a gift.. The gift communicates the message “he thought of me” or she really does love me”. Now the task is to observe your partner, what does he or she like, or what do they lack that they really need… Nigerians aren’t  fond of buying gifts.in short guys are dodging February14th👎👎👎. Especially the girls😁😁. Seee choose to be different,  ladies spoil your man!


Couple Playing Backgammon on Floor --- Image by © Ralf Schultheiss/zefa/Corbis
Couple Playing Backgammon on Floor — Image by © Ralf Schultheiss/zefa/Corbis

QUALITY TIME👌 ⌚⌚: Quality time for me is the best… And as the name implies, it is basically  giving or spending quality  time with your significant other, giving your undivided attention and doing the things you both love or simply just gisting💑💑💑I am definitely under this love language group,  because as much as i loveeee gifts…😉😉 its nothing to me, if you don’t have my time. (If you like don’t buy gift you hear! 😤😓)


his-and-hers-2WORDS OF AFFIRMATION : Yes guys and it’s basically  “Expressing affection through spoken affection, praise, or appreciation”. Your words may focus on the other person’s personality or the way they look or something they have done for you.  If your persons primary  love language is words of affirmation,  your words would mean everything, nothing will speak more deeply of your love than words of affirmation .

 I am semi in this categories… Who doesn’t like sweet lovey dovey words huh? 😏😏



PHYSICAL TOUCH! 👫💏: Now see every culture has what is termed the appropriate and inappropriate touch.. The appropriate touch is loving while the latter is demeaning and destructive.  If your personal  person’s primary love language is physical touch, nothing would speak more deeply than appropriate touch.  And we do know touches have meaning(consciously and unconsciously)  Assignment number 1: find out the different touches and what they generally mean?

couple-cook-1024x929 😉😉

ACTS OF SERVICES:💅💆: if you speak words of affirmation to people with this love language this is a sample of the conversation. When you’ll say baby i love you.. Their response would be something like this  “if you love me,  why don’t you do something to help  around the house? “. See the key to loving this kind of person will be to find out what things they would like for you to do.. and do them consistently. 

Here are some tips on finding out your love language :

1) observe your  own behavior.                           2) observe what you complain about.              3) observe what you request  for the most. 

I know some of you would say… Yo!  Joy i belong to all the categories…😏😏😕, Yeap thats very possible but the thing is.. There is always a PRIMARY AND A SECONDARY LOVE LANGUAGE (PRIMARY=YEAP THATS DEFINITELY ME,  SECONDARY=YEA YEA  A LIL BIT) 

So guys find out your and your partner’s love language and learn to love them the way the want to be loved and not the way you want to be loved… Research shows that its very rare for couples to have the same primary love languages.. 

I do hope this summary has helped you guys… For a deeper understanding.. Please get the book and read it. 

Thank you awesome readers.. I 💝 U. 

I wish you a HAPPY NEW MONTH and in this month nothing will steal your Joy. 😘😘😘


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