Tahhhhh!! you voted for him,  yes you! Dont lie i saw you 😒😒!, me!?  I was strolling round the polling units observing the faces of the voters ohh! 😤😤😋😮.

Hmmmm this topic touch me in the heart well well!  Kai!😞😱, But truly Nigerians  why didn’t you ask what kind of change sef?,  because  change is of two genders : the female(positive😉😀 )and  the male (negative! 😜😯).

Permit me to speak pidgin:

Becos dem no get who this change no touch,  even dangote sef dey feel am, talk less of my humble self ehn!…if you Ask pahle(means dad)  for money nah!  Sharpaly the guy go tell you say “buhari say no money for the town”! 😩😩

Any which ways!, abeg donations  are highly  accepted!  Garri, kerosine, fuel, tomato, RICE (Na #23,000 now ohh), yam, money, etc! 😇😇 as the spirit leads you to sow unto fertile grounds(me, myself and i) .


Tell me guys, where  this change affect your style sef?!.. As for me i suppose dey jand(abroad)  but as ma pahle no be Bill Gates  nah!  The new anthem now na : every day am hussling,  hussling!  Hehehe😎🎶

I love you guys and joy is from within so change your style,  another one,  be like that! 💝💝💝🎼🎵


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