Truth be told,  it took a lot of guts for me to decide writing on this topic. I am not writing to judge or condemn no one,  but i did a little research on this topic and WOW!  was i overwhelmed.People really are of the opinion that porn is good! 😨😱Well what do i know? 😞😒

Some are of the opinion that porn is good  👌and some are strongly  against it👎, but that does not reduce the number of people,(elderly or really young, spiritual or carnal, dignitary or not!) that are held bound by this addiction…. and oh boy! 😰😰 it is sooooo accessible . The internet is flooded with it; ranging from pictures to videos to audios and so on, 😓

😓 Am sure you wondering how i know  so much.. Oh well i was once a victim! Have you heard of the “POWER OF ONE CLICK” that click takes you deeper! 😭😭😥. Yes i was and i assure  you the power it has is worse than nicotine addiction. Thanks to a Higher power, that is my past now…story for another day! I’ll gist you some day😉😉.

Back to the matter of the heart.. Which  side do you belong to?  Good or bad  and if bad how can one stop it? If good what are your reasons? Remember  your story might just be someone’s  help or ginger!

Goodnight fam! 😍 Remember  Joy from within can never be stolen! 😘😘


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