This century has equaled sex to love.  You’ll hear things like ” if you love mi baby  prove your love, lets have sex! “.😢😢

But seriously though, can’t a relationship exist without sex and be strong and healthy?

I really  want to hear your opinions guy.. Let me  know, do you know any relationship that  is without sex?  And what is the secret.

Remember Joy is from the inside. 😘


5 thoughts on “TRUE LOVE WITHOUT SEX? 😨😱

  1. Its just as you said…we now have people equating love with sex. I believe you can love someone without sex, and can have sex without love…we just need to be careful, patient and pray for grace.


  2. Love is love, sex is sex, let’s not always tie love to sex, they are two different words with different meaning. Sex in relation to relationships can only be said to be a by product of emotion towards each other. So if a guy is asking for sex, he is asking for sex not love, shekeenah…


      1. Sex can’t be used as prove of love, cus love is not sex. So those that ask for it as prove and those that give it out as prove are not wise.


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