Hello awesome viewers!! 😘😘 how are you and how have you been?  Please do let me know because i truly care.

Okay okay so i know your wondering what is Joy ranting on about ! But really have you noticed the increasing rate of marriages falling apart?  Have you also noticed the mighty efforts and creativity put into the wedding preps (pre photo shoots, shopping aso ebi and all) !?😁 You’ll  buy aso ebi 10 thousand naira and then marriage crumbles 1year later? 😒😒😒

Am sure you get the picture!

Okay so what am i really  talking about?  Joy get to the point!

For one to prevent something, you have to be knowledgeable about it. For wgen the purpose of a thing is not known  abuse is indeed inevitable ,so therefore  here are the differences between wedding and marriage, just incase you don’t know:

Wedding lasts for a day,swhile  marriage last for a lifetime,so be careful the finance invested.  Wedding involves  guests, friends and family while marriage is you, your spouse and offsprings and also in wedding the opinions of almost everyone is needed for it to be successful but for marriage third parties  are highly discouraged.

Prepare for your marriage guys,  communicate with your person, love is not blind ohhhhh😤😤be sure you are compatible, that your values and goals are similar, that God is in the center of your lives. Be observant to thraits that scream disaster, and please if  you have an advice..abeg talk it Or what do you think guys, comment your mind!

I love you guys so much and remember joy is from within 😘😘💝💝



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